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        Chairman's speech

        Dear new and old customer friend:

        How do you do!

             12 years ago, Hunan COFI flavor Technology Co. Ltd. (formerly Xiangtan Fu Hui flavor trade company) was born in Hunan Xiangtan, the land of heroes, the concern and support of the party and the government and the society of friends, after all my colleagues in the company's hard work and selfless dedication, my growing up gradually become Chinese spices, flavor and fragrance industry the bright younger generation. I want to take this opportunity to thank all customers and friends has always been the concern and support of our parents, and my perfume! Who grass inch heart, reported in the apartments. My perfume in the future will take practical action to return customers and friends love, every effort to provide you with first-class products and services.

             Without food additives, there is no modern food industry, which has become the consensus of the whole society. Food flavors and fragrances as an important industry in the food additives industry, with the rapid development of China's food industry in the past twenty years, the domestic flavor and fragrance industry has shown a prosperous situation. Of course, this also intensifies the market competition and talent flow in the industry. It is because of this competition that promotes the technological progress and management standards of perfumery enterprises, and provides better products and quality services for food production enterprises. Food production and food spices enterprises is not only a simple relationship between supply and demand, it is the socialized supply chain partnership, be closely related and mutually dependent and common development.

             My perfume always adhere to technological innovation, quality first, customer first, learn widely from others'strong points of principle. Create my perfume has invested heavily in technology research and development center, the introduction of the most advanced analytical instruments and testing equipment, gathered from a number of well-known domestic enterprises to spice technology to join the elite, strengthen the spice enterprises at home and abroad Research Institute of technical exchanges and technical cooperation with universities, cold pressed extraction, enzymatic dissolution and low temperature bioreactor culture and other new technology, followed by the world flavor of the latest technology trend. Every drop of my essence embodies the wisdom and innovation of science and technology in the light of flavourists!

             Hunan big objects, Hua Tianbao, outstanding people. Thinking of Fan Zhongyan in "Yueyang Tower" in the "first and worry about the world, after the world to enjoy the famous lines, but Chu Youcai the title of Zhu Xi" in Yuelu Academy, Sri Lanka Sheng praise, and Mao Zedong's "sacrifice strengthens bold, dare to call for the sun and the moon and the heroic my verse, spices very proud and shouldering the lofty mission of Hunan as the land of plenty, should make more contribution to the food industry China. Indeed, my perfume or the Yangtze River waves, zhanchiyufei young Phoenix, but I firmly believe that as long as continue to maintain a modest and prudent attitude, perseverance and innovative spirit, fully inclusive and equitable open minded principles, honest and trustworthy, my perfume people will certainly be able to depict a have succeeded in carrying out an assignment, beautiful scenery for Chinese the flavor and fragrance industry brilliant.

        Welcome to my perfume!

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        KYPHI (HUNAN) Flavours and Fragrance Technology Co., Ltd

        Address: Xiangtan Tianyi demonstration zone

        Zip code :411228


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